What happens if you have a burglary or fire or other loss of property at your home or office, such as from a broken pipe or a roof leak that causes significant water damage, or a wind storm.  Your insurance company will ask you to fill out an inventory detailing all the personal property that has been lost.  This is particularly difficult when the property has been stolen, destroyed by a fire, or thrown out because of the immediate need to get water damaged items out of the area of damage.  

​So how do you prove what you owned and remember all the items you owned so you can list them on that inventory?  You use photographs of your items, photograph files stored on a CD and kept in a safety deposit box or someplace away from the home.  You know you should backup your computer, well, you should also keep a record of your property.  Photos are better for this than videos because they can be enlarged, looked at in detail, and used to more easily fill out the inventory and display proof of ownership to the insurance company.

I know the need for such evidence from my experience
of over 30 years as an attorney in the insurance
industry and as a police officer prior to attending law
school.  I know what needs to be photographed and
inventoried and can demonstrate for you how these
photo files can be used.

I can photograph everything at your home (or office or
storage unit) with modern digital equipment that
​produces digital photo files that can be used to print clear photos that can be reproduced up to 51" x 34"
without being enlargements and can be enlarged on the computer screen to see more detail not possible with videos.  The detail is so good you can even see authors and publishers listed on book spines.  Each room is photographed in detail, cabinet doors opened, and all your personal property photographed.  The digital files are then placed on a CD which is given to you for your records and, if you wish, I can keep a copy as well as a backup.

In addition, you should keep an inventory and receipts
for major items.  This takes time but avoids the effort
and frustration you would have trying to prove this
after a loss.  It is best to scan these documents and
keep a copy in electronic format in that same off site
location.  I supply paper or electronic forms for your
use.  Be sure to update information with new

This service is surprisingly inexpensive compared
with the time you would have to spend and the
​frustration involved in proving this after a loss.  The cost during my special pricing is $50/hr with a minimum of 2 hours and $10 a year for storage of a copy of your photos (and inventory if you supply that to me). My usual rate is $75/hr with a 2 hour minimum.  

Photo Scenes
​​www.photos4ulv.com and www.photoscenes.net

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Can you prove what you own if it is destroyed or stolen?